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Technical QA Manager : Man002

Reference : Man002
Job Description : Technical QA Manager
Nationality : British
Years Experience : 22
Product Experience : Knits, Woven, Sports wear, Casual wear, Formal wear, Children's wear, Denim, Swim wear
Location Experience : UK, Morocco, Turkey, Mexico, China, Sri Lanka, Cambodia
Current Location : Cambodia
Specialties : Garment Tech, QA Systems, Lean Manufacturing, Social & Ethical Compliance, Printing Technologies
Bio : An effective, self motivated Technical/Production Manager/Director with a proven track record in all aspects of garment manufacture with both UK and offshore experience. Commercially perceptive, customer oriented, and proficient in all aspects of garment technology and QA, from development through to manufacturing, installing QA procedures aligned to lean manufacturing, with a great belief in a "Right First Time" attitude towards all manufacturing processes. Proven interpersonal skills within owned and third party units, and committed to training and developing employees within the manufacturing environment to achieve customer requirements where quality, efficiency and compliance are concerned. An excellent communicator, capable of dealing with issues at local needlepoint level, local and head office, senior management level, through to end customer representatives. Fully conversant with modern lean manufacturing processes, PLM systems, and critical paths.

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