#UtilizingFabricForProfit THROUGH #CuttingExcellence

New contract agreed for Ningbo, China   |   Installed the first ever Lectra iQ80 cutter in Egypt   |   Cutting Room Re Engineered in Egypt   |   I can show you total transparency on how your fabric is utilised   |   Experience shows i can save 10% of your fabric purchasing   |   want to reduce headcount and increase output in your cutting?   |  


In the companies I visit I see that most manufacturers miss the opportunity to reduce cost because over time the trained workforce is diminished through staff movement. The new staff coming into the business is only trained on the basic system functions so the actual true benefits of the CAD system is lost. It becomes just a basic tool. This then puts pressure onto the staff as they do not understand how to do things differently to reduce the time spent doing basic activities and the supervisor/manager struggles to meet the increasing demands from the development and the operations, so they fail to give the correct costs at BOM and take 1st marker YY in production. They also answer requests for extra work by requesting more systems and staff. This I am sure you recognize. Most CAD staff does not appreciate that even the basic systems can.

  • They can create pattern on screen
  • Manipulate patterns on screen
  • Assign customer specific grade rules and create grade tables to auto grade
  • Use auto lay planning to produce markers quickly
  • Basic Cutplan calculators

These are a few activities that are unused that can help better utilize this powerful tool and as the system has been developed and added to it has more functions designed to speed the process and control the costs

I can evaluate all your staff and systems and advise on how they are being used, what opportunities are being missed and design and give hands on training to ensure you unlock this tool to deliver real cost competitiveness to your business and give return on investment of man and machine. I can also evaluate

  • Warehouse procedures to take advantage of all fabric variables
  • YY Calculations to establish BOM accuracy
  • Relaxation & warehouse preparations
  • Cutting room processes including fabric handling systems in use