#UtilizingFabricForProfit THROUGH #CuttingExcellence


Delta Galil

Ian Ross
CEO at Delta Galil Textiles

 Having had the chance to work together with Scott at Luen Thai International, this time I employed Scott thru his Fabric Utilization company to re structure Delta Textile Egypt's, fabric warehouse and cutting operations to facilitate a lean organizational method of work. He has a 'hands on approach' and has the ability not just to advise but also install, as he has the ability to communicate and win over employees and managers at all levels 
We agreed the project plan and he worked to streamline both departments to reduce manning by 40% while increasing output within cutting and making changes in the fabric controls to link both departments to successfully improve the utilization of our raw material. 
He was instrumental in reducing manning levels within cutting by heading up a layout change reducing tables fro 8 to 4 and maintaining then increasing our cut to plan output. He has systemized our raw material release by installing a cut planning system that is driven by the Fast React planning and also implementing an on spread cutting system to feed back usage at both spread and cut. He helped formalize our cutting quality system which has helped manage and improve our cut quality and ability to reduce the return to cut levels from sewing. 
We have installed his system and methods into two sites (4 factories) in Egypt and will use his systems as a template for other sites globally. 
I feel very satisfied with the project he has completed for us and the savings we have made in operation time/manning and fabric savings, The changes made have had a positive impact on the bottom Line 


Adidas Sourcing Limited 

Daisy Cai
Director, Vendor Operation at adidas Group

Scott used to work as a consultant for adidas sourcing, I got to know Scott through his assignment to work on one of our key factory's cutting room, where I was very impressed by his expertise in marker/cutting effeciency optimization as well his detail oriented and result driven working style. 

Andy Brisbane
Senior Technical Manager - Next Sourcing Ltd

Scott is a highly motivated individual who can add significant value to any business looking at reducing waste and costs throughout their Fabric Utiliztion and Cutting Room processes. The project he worked on with adidas-Group resulted in a number of changes which we are now in the process of implementing with our supply base. The reduction in waste and costs will be significant. 
I would have no hesitation in recommending Scott to any other business looking at maximizing profiability in relation to Fabric Yield and Cutting Room Excellence. 
adidas Sourcing Limited 
Regional Head of Techncial

Services (South China)



Ken Chew Tan
Director, Business Consulting, Consumer Goods & Retail Industry at Dassault Systemes


I have the privilege of collaborating with Scott on 2 separate projects. Scott is a passionate professional who has broad and deep domain knowledge in the apparel industry, especially in the reduction of fabric consumption. This is a key value-driver for apparel companies. 
Scott's experience and knowledge in the product development and cutting room processes make him a rare talent in this field. 
I would recommend Scott to any company that is serious about reducing their COGS, maintain if not increase their margins. 

 Stephane LANDIER

Co-Founder, ArioFlow - Change the way you care

I have worked closely with Scott for 2 years, at Lectra's Johannesburg office. He was in charge of training and supporting Lectra's CAD customers. Scott is a very helpful and dedicated person, who always went the extra mile to keep the users happy and productive. 
It was a real pleasure working with you Scott !

 Luen Thai International

Ian Ross
CEO at Delta Galil Textiles
Scott, was exceptional at his position. He had the ability to assess his department, restructure it, develop comprehensive training modules for his team and integrate his area into the smooth running of the whole company. He made significant savings not only within his area but also within the whole fabric utilization area.
Ace Style Intimate Apparel
Danny Mcatamney
Vice President Victoria Secrets production at Mast Industries


 This letter is my personal recommendation for Scott Wilton. I have previously worked with Scott for one year. I found Scott to be very dedicated, a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He has successfully developed several plans for our company that has resulted in increased revenue. During his tenure, we saw an increase in performance in the CAD area and cutting rooms. 

I highly recommend Scott for employment. He is a team player and would make a great asset to any company either as an employee or consultant