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Fabric Utilization Ltd

I am the driving force of the company and have over 25 years working in the industry working in the Pattern, CAD and Marker/Cutting area. Having worked in Vivienne Westwood's Haute Couture Business and a number of large scale manufacturers supplying most of the US and European high street retailers, I have vast experience in all types of products and contract sizes, from small fashion lines to large flow orders. I have worked with many different products including ladies and gents structured clothing, sportswear and swimwear, blouses, formal and casual shirts, lingerie, children and baby products. From the range of products you can see I also understand the different attention required to accommodate the variable conditions of fabric construction, yarn, and print design that is required to arrive at the correct BOM taking account of variable shrinkage/performance and correct allowances to give to ensure we maximize the marker consumptions while understanding cutting room requirements, relaxation/special preparation, manual/machine spreading, manual/automatic cutting.

When necessary I can call on a number of dedicated experts to help establish competitive repeatable performance with equal experience across all manufacturing. I will call on these experts dependent on the agreed project parameters and in most cases to reduce the project timeline to deliver results quicker to your business

I would focus our projects on your CAD/marker/cutting areas to accurately develop your BOM for raw material then utilize your purchased fabrics to maximize shipment quantity and improve contribution to your bottom line.

Focus Areas:

  • BOM calculations and allowance addition
  • Linked marker and warehouse activity, width batch/marker ratio, to ensure best yields
  • Cutting room practices to convert warehouse/marker activity to deliver saving
  • CAD utilization to ensure you maximize the skills and opportunities your people and equipment can deliver.
  • Cutting room transparency
  • Fabric process losses

My company can deliver real savings to you if we unlock the full potential you have within your business. We can develop systems and procedures so you:

  • Do not purchase what you do not need
  • Fully use what you have bought
  • My company can contribute 10% to as much as 30% better utilization of your purchased raw material and then reflect these savings back to your future BOM calculations
  • Release space in your warehouse, improve margin, and relieve pressure on your cash flow.