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INTRODUCTIONToday's business climate demands manufacturing to perform in all areas and is more critical than it has ever been. The pressure on margin from the buyer to reduce prices and deliver quicker means the pressure from increased Raw Material, Labour and Logistics costs is becoming a challenge for even the best businesses to continually perform at the highest level.

With Raw material contributing the largest expense for most garment manufacturers, averaging 55% and up to 70% for some products, it is critical to control its purchase and usage. To gain a competitive edge it is very important to fully utilize all the tools, skills and equipment you have in your business to develop accurate BOM's that have measured the requirement for the products very accurately with correct attention to allowances and fabric construction/print design. In truth most manufacturers understand how to measure very accurately the Labour and Logistic costs but fail to do this for Raw Material, they allow many extra allowances to be added to the BOM then fail to control the marker consumptions to use the fabrics accurately. Businesses are held ransom by bad practice from their internal procedures and disciplines.

How much space in the warehouse and your accounts do you have allocated to redundant and over purchased raw material? It is time to get your competitive edge back and release the money you have tied up in excess raw materials. {...}